Nikon D600 review at the Phoblographer: Amazing image quality, works fine with old manual lenses too.

"When it comes to the Nikon D600 it’s all about perspective really. First of all you’re looking at this camera because you are thinking about a full frame. You may have been put off by the D800 hoping for something more along the lines of the D700. This is the closest you’re going to get to it if you can look past the feature set. Will I buy this camera? Being that I have not had the D700 that long, and it does everything I need at the moment, no. In the future there is a strong chance though. Like the D800 there are endless things you can do with this camera. After all my doubts this camera, it turned out to be a good piece of gear."

2012 DigitalCameraInfo Best of Year Awards

Yes, its this time of the year, the 'award and predictions (that mostly fail) for the next year' time. DCI is first, with, in some categories, slightly peculiar selection:

"2012 has been one of the most exciting years yet for the staff here at, as the photographic industry put the woes of 2011 behind it to release some truly amazing cameras. From flagship DSLRs to incredible compacts, there . . . read more

Pentax K-5 II/IIs grand review at Pentax Forums

If there is one single review you need to read if you're interested in this camera, this is it. It may have some slight pro Pentax bias, but let;s face it, most people that will look into the K-5II/IIs are already Pentax gear owners:

"The K-5 IIs offers significantly increased resolution at low ISO when used with sharp lenses and when there is no . . . read more

Canon 1 Dx gets its DXO mark rating: Best Canon so far, but still way below all current Nikons

But hey, at least it manages to catch up to the 3 years old Nikon D3s. Now, photography people still are divided about the real value of DXO scores, but for those interested, here's an excerpt from DXO's findings:

"The Canon EOS 1D X performed acceptably across the board and looks to be a successful compromise as an update to both the 1D Mark IV (with better color depth and overall quality) as well as the 1Ds Mark III (with better low-light performance). . . . read more

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens Review at Ephotozine

Canon has gone completely wild with the pricing of this one. It demands more than twice  of what the previous 24-70mm lens used to cost, and a good 1000 $/£/€ more than the excellent Nikkor equivalent. So, is it worth the premium? (Spoiler: no, of course not).

"Sharpness in the centre of the frame is very good to outstanding throughout the zoom range. At 24mm and f/2.8 sharpness . . . read more

Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD Review at Camera Labs

Tamron's intention with the SP (Special Performance) line is to play in the league of big boys, like Canon's "L" lenses, but at a lower price point. The experiment has been mostly successful:

"Focus accuracy and repeatability is critical to consistently produce sharp shots. Repeatability (the accuracy of focus on the same subject after repeated focus-acquisition) of this lens is excellent with no outliers over a series of 20 shots. And there is . . . read more

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM Lens Review at Ephotozine.

Of all the 70-300mm lenses in existense, this is the most expensive one. Is it worth the (hefty) premium?:

"Typical of Canon's L series lenses, this lens feels incredibly well-built and the tough white exterior finishes off the look. Sealing against dust and moisture has been applied to the lens, including a rubber gasket around the metal lens mount to . . . read more

Pentax K-30 review at DP Review

Pentax new entry level Dslr is gifted with a lot of technology sourced from it's big brother, among which is the ergonomy aspect, giving the camera a slightly weird look, but makes it a joy to use. On to the review:

"Despite the slightly unusual styling the Pentax K-30 handles very well. The cameras dimensions are relatively compact but thanks to its reassuring weight and solidity it looks and feels like a quality product, only shooters with larger hands might . . . read more

Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC review at AP UK: Excellent price, optics and construction quality, would prefer with autofocus.

"When using such the shallow depth of field that an f/1.4 lens offers, a manual-focus-only lens is a good reminder of just how useful autofocus is. Even a skilled photographer will find that there are numerous occasions when the manual focus is ‘off' in everyday images. For the landscape photographer who has time to compose and view images, though, this is less of an issue, and exactly where the Samyang 24mm f/1.4 lens comes into its own. Considering the difference in price . . . read more

Pentax K-30 review at Pop Photo

"With a deep grip, dual command wheels, and plenty to customize, the K-30 offers more control over settings and interface than any true entry-level camera on the market. You choose what the command wheels control in various exposure modes—which one sets aperture or shutter speed in manual mode, for example, or which one sets exposure compensation in aperture- or shutter-priority mode. Once you have the controls set the way you like them, you can save your settings to . . . read more

Nikon D600 vs D800 noise comparison at Camera Labs.

What's better than an iso train? Well, TWO iso trains, especially if they run in parallel and compare the noise quality of these two cameras. Let the civil war begin!:

"With both sets of images processed using the same RAW recipe, the crops from each camera below are unsurprisingly similar in style and to my eyes, preferable to the JPEG versions, at least at lower sensitivities. The RAW recipe described . . . read more

Magic Lantern third alpha for 5D Mark III is out, adds lots of features and bug fixes.

"The most important change is a card test executed at startup. My 16GB (Kingston 266x) card has problems, and I'm trying to diagnose the issue: maybe it's just my card, or maybe it's related to this. If the test fails on your camera, please report.

There are also a few handy tweaks:
- Histogram and waveform moved to bottom
- New experimental display for focus peaking (extreme sharpness)
. . . read more

Does the Nikon D600 come with sensor dust issues?

Discovered by Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals (com). Issue seems legit, we wonder how Nikon is going to respond:

"The dust kept reappearing with every rental, and more impressively – it was generally in the same location (upper left 1/3 of the image). That did get our attention, so we started looking into the matter a bit. We kept dust pictures for 20 consecutive D600s returning from rental and saw the problem was very real." . . . read more

Sluggish sales? New Canon EOS 5D Mark III Firmware to add uncompressed HDMI output & AF Upgrades

Still, this being Canon wanting to tie down buyers once again, will have the new firmware ready by April 2013:

Canon (US) Press Release


. . . read more

Canon 650D/T41 gets DXO marked, manages to stay behind all current DSLRs. Has Canon lost the edge in Sensor development?

It is a lot worse actually, this latest Canon Aps-c camera gets lower score than cameras with a much smaller sensor, like the Olympus E-M5. It even stays behind its own predecessor (600D/T3i), on every single measurement, and that surely must be a first in the digital camera world. . . . read more

Nikon D600 Review by Nasim Mansurov

This review includes some interesting sections, like the D600 VS 6D & D7000 comparisons. A Quote:

"Without a doubt, the Nikon D600 will be a very popular camera. I suspect it will be far more popular than the Nikon D800/D800E, especially after people realize that it is not some crippled camera, but a very functional DSLR with impressive . . . read more

Canon EOS 1Dx review at Pop Photo: The new 1 series powerhouse is everything it is expected to be, and so is its evil twin, the Nikon D4.

"Canon has yet again created a truly amazing camera with the EOS-1D X. From the first weekend we got to shoot with it, when we came home with a dozen keepers, up until the last frame we shot for this test, it was simply a pleasure to use.We’ve touched on the most important parts, but there’s also Ethernet connectivity, a stereo mic input, and plenty of other features, such as multiple-exposure capability and audio note taking, that we just couldn’t go into detail about here. . . . read more

Nikon D600 review by Photographyblog

Nikon's entry level full frame DSLR is already available in many places worldwide, and the review flood has begun. First of the major ones, is done by Zoltan Arva-Toth:

"At full resolution, the Nikon D600 captures an astonishing amount of detail - not quite as much as the D800 but still more . . . read more

Canon EOS Rebel T4i Review at DCRP

Jeff Keller has reviewed the latest (and greatest, according to many) entry level Canon DSLR:

"Camera performance is mixed. The Rebel T4i's 1.3 second startup time is a bit slow for a digital SLR. Focus times depend on the lens you're using, the chosen focus mode, and lighting conditions. When shooting with the optical viewfinder, the T4i . . . read more

Nikon D600 review at Tech Radar

Nikon's youngest, andcheapest ever full frame camera gets on the review bench:

"It certainly fulfils its brief of being an easy to use full-frame DSLR, with a control layout and menu design based on consumer rather than professional cameras. As such it makes for a compelling upgrade for those seeking the . . . read more

Sigma 180 mm f/2.8 APO Macro EX DG OS HSM review at AP UK: Fantastic optics but a lot of bulk.

"The 180mm focal length of this Sigma optic provides both the best and worst of lens qualities. Such a focal length gives a good working distance from the subject and a great narrow field of view, but it also means the lens is bulky and heavy. To an extent, this is offset by the inclusion of image stabilisation, but in practice it provides a benefit of only around 1EV when shooting macro images. . . . read more

Nikon D800 sleeps with the fishes, an underwater review by Berkley White and Sterling Zumbrunn: The D800's big sensor can be as beautiful and dangerous as a white shark.

"On the stills side, it was more complicated than I first expected. The advantages of the added resolution were obvious when shooting macro. It was possible to shoot tiny subjects from farther away, crop the resulting frame, and still end up with at least a 10 megapixel file. The images have far more depth of field then would be possible if shooting them at close range. On wide angle, it was a different story. Only the best optics, the best dome port, and perfect technique will suffice. . . . read more

Prepare for a Canon 7D 'Mark III', Magic Lantern finally ported after 3 years of trials and errors.

7D owners al over the world, rejoice! If you think the major firmware update brought forth by Canon this summer was a big thing, wait until you see what Magic Lantern has in store for you. Just to mention a few of its highlights: HDR bracketing (up to 9 frames, intervalometer, bulb ramping, focus peaking (and other focus assist tools) adjustable spot meter, stack focus, and much, much more.  . . . read more

Nikon D800 vs Olympus OM-D E-M5 side by side video shootout: Olympus wins, mostly.

"Olympus's new flagship Micro four thirds camera the OM-D E-M5 Versus Nikon's Shiny new D800 Full frame shoooter. (& yes, dedicated reviews of both cameras are coming soon ;) )

Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the fantastic M.Zuiko Digital ED 45mm F1.8
The Nikon D800 with the much lusted after Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G...
It's as close as makes no real difference an equivalent (effective) focal length FOV on each camera.
(the D800 is full frame, and the E-M5 has a 2x crop factor, giving the 45mm lens an 35mm equivalent focal length of 90mm)
. . . read more

Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC USD review by Nasim Mansurov

"Just like the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G, the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 feels very solid in hands. Although its barrel is made of plastic (versus the all-metal construction of the Nikon 24-70mm) it does not have a cheap or “plasticky” feel to it at all. Keep in mind that plastic does not expand and contract like metal does when temperatures change quickly, which can actually prolong the life and performance of a lens. All new Nikon AF-S primes, even the most expensive ones like the Nikon . . . read more

Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon D600 Key Differences, at the Photography blog

Why can't we all be friends and focus on the similarities instead (1/4000th sec shutter and both are generally stripped down brutally) but anyway, the war has begun, and blood is still being shed on both sides: . . . read more

Sigma announces trio of new lenses, new naming scheme, and a promise of improved quality control.

Maybe some other makers of expen$ive lenses *cough* CaNikon *cough* should also look into the 'quality control measures' thingie.

Sigma Press Release

Sigma Corporation announces reorganization of lens lineup, new products and quality control measures . . . read more

Canon Unveils the EOS 6D, the real 5D mkII successor.

For some people, (and Canon itself) the matter is clear: The 6D is the starter of the 'entry level full frame DSLR line, and the Mark III is the clear successor or the Mark II.  But crucially, the 6D is introduced at the pretty much same price as the Mark II, as opposed to the Mark III that has moved beyond the realms of entry level and entered those of the mid-segment. Available late November/early December. . . . read more

Pentax K-30 review at DC Resource

Pentax ently level DSLR gets reviewed, and leaves a very good impression:

"The Pentax K-30 is a very capable digital SLR that arguably offers more bang for the buck -- including a weather-sealed body -- than any other camera in its price range. The K-30's design is a bit more angular than your typical D-SLR, and its composite body doesn't mind getting . . . read more

The end of medium format superiority? Nikon D800E vs Hasselblad H4D40 by Alex Koloskov at Photigy: Technically, not yet, but we're close.

"I was pleased to see the performance of Nikon D800E. Despite the huge difference in a price, D800E was able to deliver the quality comparable to 5+ times more expensive Hasselblad. Great shadow and highlight recovery was actually a big surprise for me, considering 14 Bit small sensor vs 16 bit in Hassy (more bit depth means more colors and wider dynamic range).

Also, we need to keep in mind that it was not a true sensor-to-sensor performance test, as the glass was playing a big part of the resolution and details quality of the shots. Nikon had cheap, and most likely it would deliver even better . . . read more

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